[📚Sunday Book Club]: Dave Hollis: "Built Through Courage"

[📚Sunday Book Club]: Dave Hollis: "Built Through Courage"

Do you still remember those days when  you were a kid wishing to be a grownup? It puts a smile on my face looking back not knowing how challenging life would become, and that ‘adulting’ is truly overrated.

So no wonder the book I want to highlight today is all about facing your fears while aiming for the life your are meant to live. Dave Hollis named his book Built Through Courage.

Before I share some good quotes with you, I need to tell you something that can change how you’ll digest the rest of this book review. Dave passed away last year by an accidental drug overdose.

This changed my take on his book 100%.

The first time I read his book was in 2022 while overcoming the loss of my husband. I gravitated toward self help books. Looking for solid ground, books like Dave’s offered a lot of guidance.

The second time I decided to revisit his book was when I learned about his passing. And that changed everything. Every single page took much longer to read as I was digging deep between his raw story telling, helpful journaling lessons and my ongoing search for light. 

I hope that you’ll see in Dave’s quotes what I see: humanity.

“Your weakness is a reflection of your humanity, not an indictment. It doesn’t mean you aren’t good or worthy or enough. Your willingness to own your weakness and bring it into the light is one of the greatest showcases of strength.”

Struggling is a reflection of our humanity…Not an indictment of being broken.”

“Whether you're in a business or personal relationship, being open about the things you're struggling with makes you relatable, allowing you to connect more authentically.”

Built Through Courage is a touching book. On one hand, you’ll get great advice on how to face your fears, embrace discomfort or accept failure. On the other, knowing what happened to Dave, you can dive much deeper  while leaving your own BS behind. 

I’m wishing all of us the bravery to leave our excuses behind and become who we are meant to be, regardless of anything holding us back. 

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and strength to be YOU in days ahead of us!

Love, Hana ❤️

P.S. “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” ― William Faulkner
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