Powerful New System Turns Appointments Into  Great Listings.

Have you noticed that all top agents are great LISTING AGENTS? They don't just 'wing it'- they all have a system. But top agents never reveal their best strategies. Why would they? It's a competitive business, so sharing their secrets with the competition could cost them THOUSANDS of dollars! That would be like showing your winning hand in poker. That's where we come in.

  • Marketing

    Cutting-edge marketing materials including a custom PRE-LISTING PACKAGE that will do the heavy lifting for you. Stand out from your competition before you even meet with the sellers.  Ready to go -no expensive designer needed.

  • Influence

    No memorized scripts. No uncomfortable closing. You will master the latest powerful PERSUASION and INFLUENCE strategies that turn even the most skeptical sellers into clients without the "We'll think about it"

  • Presentation

    Modern digital presentation that demonstrates your competence, builds trust and connection, helps you set the right price... And ultimately WINS you the listing. Without cutting your commission or over-pricing the listing. 

How To Get Good Listings


You don't want to waste tons of time with flaky buyers. Money is in the LISTINGS. 

But you lose listings to agents who have a better system. Not better, or more experienced agents - just agents with a better listing presentation. 

It's not talent or personality or luck. It comes down to a step-by-step system that predictably builds trust and status with sellers.  

Because at the end, every seller hires the agent they like and trust the most. Not the cheapest, but the one they consider their best choice.

The problem is, you can be the best agent in town, eager to help. But if you can't convince your prospects, your business will tank. 

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"You all sound time same!" That's what I kept hearing from sellers. It was frustrating because all the coaches kept teaching the same typical sales stuff: 

"Build rapport and make sure they like you first. Then, show-off your marketing, hammer them on price, handle objections... And close them!" Sound familiar? 

But that never works. And since you're here looking for a better way tells us it probably doesn't work all that well for you either. 

Listing Presentation Plus 2.0 is a complete system that will help you turn appointments into great listings.

  • Even if you're new in the business
  • Even if you're an introvert.
  • Even if you compete against Discounters, Aggressive Agents, or Big Teams
  • ESPECIALLY if you hate traditional selling tactics.

Just grab a cup of coffee and go through the video coaching program. Then, personalize the marketing, the pre-listing package, and the presentation materials -- and in just a few hours you will be ready to take that next listing. 

LISTING Presentation PLUS 2.0


Your secret marketing weapon that makes you stand out in a competitive market. It establishes you as a trusted real estate authority and a helpful adviser. This sets the pre-frame of TRUST. It also implants persuasion messages with the sellers to list with you BEFORE your actual appointment. 


All your prospects have subconscious psychological triggers. Little buttons that when pushed the right way, at the right time and in the right order — create a PREDICTABLE response. 

You deploy dozens of advanced PERSUASION AND INFLUENCE formulas based on psychology, predictable human behaviour, hypnosis, and neuro-linguistic programming. This turns even the most skeptical prospects into LOYAL CLIENTS, but without any manipulation or trickery. 


You never have to 'close' anyone. Each appointment is based on the art of comfortable 'conversation presentation'.  You are in control and your prospects are at ease since there is never any tension or uncomfortable pressure. You stay authentically YOU. 


A custom-tailored presentation that showcases all the major benefits of listing with you. It positions you as THE logical choice -- but without the typical hype or cheesy gimmicks. 

Just load it on your laptop or a tablet, and you're ready to deliver a rockstar presentation that will keep the sellers engaged and looking forward to working with you. Works in ANY market and ANY price range: from suburban tract homes, condos, to high-end luxury real estate. 


Never get stuck on "We need to think about it""We have more agents to interview", or 19 other common price, commission, or stall objections. You will know how to address - and often prevent tough objections with the powerful OBJECTION CRUSHER that's part of the Listing Presentation Plus system.


You take your sellers through the psychological process of EMOTIONAL DISCONNECT that makes pricing your listings easy -- without objections, resistance, or haggling. This is my own method I developed so sellers don't ever get stuck on 'their price' or misleading Zestimates. They arrive at the obvious, logical conclusion to list their property at the suggested price.


    • Easy to follow video lessons
    • Study at your own pace
    • Master conversion presentation
    • Includes actual listing presentation
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    • Always know what to say
    • Dialogue outlines and questions
    • Roadmap to great listings
    • Seller psychology and influence
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    • Build your authority in advance
    • Expert positioning
    • Demonstrate "I Am Different"
    • Educate the seller prior to meeting
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    • High-impact visuals
    • Keeps the sellers engaged
    • Demonstrates your expertise
    • PowerPoint & Keynote versions
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    • Step-by-step marketing plan
    • Impress the sellers
    • Validates your competence
    • Crushes your competition
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    • Prevent almost all objections
    • Answer any stalls with ease
    • Solve difficult price objections
    • Hand commission questions
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Bonus 1

Listing University

You will get instant access to the 'Netflix of Real Estate'. 

A huge library of resources, new coaching, inspiration and latest interviews with real estate rockstars to help you get more business NOW. Over 100 sessions and growing... 

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Bonus 2

How To Becoming A Pricing Expert

Determining the right price is critical. In this shifting market, you can't get it wrong. 

In this special session, you will get practical advice and tips from both Borino and actual real estate appraiser.

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  • Marketing Plus
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  • ❤️ Laura, Interiors by Laura

    "Laura is a business coach with a passion and drive to assist entrepreneurs. She guided me to make my services more sellable and marketable to prospective clients, put systems into place to automate my business, and encouraged me to keep pushing forward as a business owner by guiding me to understand by value."

  • ❤️ Travis Best, CB Sea Coast Realty

    "I actually listed my first expired the first week, so thanks for the great system! The letters and resume are great stuff! Now, I'm currently negotiating a third expired listing that I picked up a little over a week ago. Once those two homes close, that will be almost $10,000 in commission income from expired. Once the third home is under contract, almost $15,000! And all of it just because of a small investment. Borino, you should charge more!

  • ❤️ Reynaldo Ruiz, REMAX

    "This was an amazing training. Mike, you are awesome! You know what it takes to be a top producer... great coach!