Benefits of Rockstar Coaching

Engaging in a program that offers coaching from experts in their fields allows you to stay current with market trends, benefit from community support, and access knowledgeable coaches. This unique opportunity not only helps you learn new ideas and systems but also equips you to adapt to innovative ways of using AI to expand and enhance your business.

What We Offer

Real Estate Rockstars offers coaching and support for ambitious real estate agents who want to get all their systems in place quickly. We offer LIVE coaching along with pre-recorded content, including bootcamps on the basics that all agents should know, including:

  • Confident Communication
  • Listing Presentation
  • Lead Generation
  • Bookkeeping and Finance
  • FSBO and Expired Listings
  • Online Marketing
  • Latest Uses for Artificial Intelligence
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Live Coaching

We offer courses every month. When you sign up for a class, you will have an average of 60 minutes of coaching plus Q&A time each session. You will have access to our coaching platform where you can watch the recordings of each session and get access to coaching materials and our huge webinar library. You will also become a member of our private Mastermind Facebook Group to share questions and provide feedback to other students in the program. Our coaches also participate in the group to answer your questions.

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Chapter 3: The Lead Funnel

Building a lead funnel from video to lead to client to commission. Creating your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to stand out in a competitive real estate market. Easy strategies to come up with fresh interesting video content.

How to use a Video Outline Checklist. Real Estate Authority positioning strategies.

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Chapter 4: Video Content

Over 100 interesting real estate video topics that turn you into a local real estate celebrity. What to talk about in your videos without memorizing a script, or sounding like a robot. A set of content outlines and examples that makes video creation a breeze.

How to add stories to make your videos interesting. Elements that build trust and expert positioning. Most powerful psychological influence factors that pull in the right leads.

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Chapter 5: Editing Your Videos

How to edit on your smartphone and computer - even if you've never edited a video. Adding insert shots so your viewers stay engaged. Quick method to make hybrid videos with photos. Creating powerful Call-To-Action message that compels the right prospects to reach out to you.

Making your videos look polished like a TV production with music, transitions, and effects.

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Chapter 6: Dominating YouTube

How to tap into the power of YouTube (and Google) to get more clients and commissions. Setting up your channel for the most visibility. How to find the right audience and rank your videos for the maximum views.

What's working right now: Best tricks and tactics that steadily grow your subscribers and leads.

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Chapter 7: Advanced Strategies

How to turn your Facebook connections into your video fans. Making videos specifically for Facebook. Using social media to promote your videos - and generate business. How to produce a quick and easy slideshow video in less than 30 minutes.

How to stay organized (and productive) with a video production calendar. Best resources for video bumpers, artwork, animation, and graphics. What it takes to become a real estate video rockstar.

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  • ❤️ Laura, Interiors by Laura

    "Laura is a business coach with a passion and drive to assist entrepreneurs. She guided me to make my services more sellable and marketable to prospective clients, put systems into place to automate my business, and encouraged me to keep pushing forward as a business owner by guiding me to understand by value."

  • ❤️ Travis Best, CB Sea Coast Realty

    "I actually listed my first expired the first week, so thanks for the great system! The letters and resume are great stuff! Now, I'm currently negotiating a third expired listing that I picked up a little over a week ago. Once those two homes close, that will be almost $10,000 in commission income from expired. Once the third home is under contract, almost $15,000! And all of it just because of a small investment. Borino, you should charge more!

  • ❤️ Reynaldo Ruiz, REMAX

    "This was an amazing training. Mike, you are awesome! You know what it takes to be a top producer... great coach!